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June 22, 2019  
Navigation Options - Cue Sheets, Phone Apps, Garmin & GPS Devices
The Garrett County Gran Fondo Garmin is proud to provide top-of-class navigation options for the five routes, including printable cue sheets with maps and elevation profiles, generic and Garmin-specific GPS files for use with GPS bike computers and watches, and online RideWithGPS and Strava routes for phone navigation via these mobile apps.

On event weekend the roads will be painted with arrows and nothing more than a bit of attentiveness while riding is needed for navigation. However, if you ride with a cell phone, or have a Garmin or GPS bike computer or watch, it does not hurt to come prepared with the routes loaded into your devices. And, the printable cue sheets are always nice to have available for peace of mind and for awareness of what is yet to come.

Table of Contents

Printable Cue Sheets

We offer two types of cue sheets for each route to satisfy all preferences.
  1. a simple, concise text-only cue sheet that lists just the turns and distances
  2. a more informative cue sheet that also includes maps and elevation profiles for each section of each route as well as the location of each cue sheet turn marked on the map and profile

Route Cue Sheet
Garrett's Greatest 25
Fabulous 44
Masochistic Metric
Savage Century
Diabolical Double

Phone Navigation via RideWithGPS or Strava Mobile Apps

You can use your phone for navigation via the free RideWithGPS or Strava mobile apps. Both apps offer similar functionality including turn-by-turn directions and voice navigation, but with one critical difference being that only RideWithGPS supports the downloading of routes and maps to your phone for fully functional offline use.

We strongly recommend RideWithGPS over Strava for navigating the Garrett County Gran Fondo routes due to RideWithGPS's capability to download routes and operate in offline mode. Many miles of the GCGF routes have spotty or no cell coverage, so the ability to navigate and use the maps without cell connectivity is critical.

This preference for RideWithGPS navigation aside, we realize that Strava is the dominant player in the space and the preferred navigation app for many cyclists, and thus we provide for you the five GCGF routes in both RideWithGPS and Strava.

Follow these steps to set up your phone to navigate the Garrett County Gran Fondo routes with RideWithGPS

Step RideWithGPS
1. Login or Create a New Account Login or Create Account
2. Link the Event or its Routes
With Your Account
Click RSVP on the RideWithGPS Event Page for the Garrett County Gran Fondo
3. Install the Mobile App
on Your Phone

4. Download Routes and Maps
for Offline Usage
Main Menu => My Events then select GCGF.
For each route desired, select Download and "Save Map and Route"
5. Ready to Ride - Step 1
Put the App in Offline Mode
Main Menu => Settings and then select the Offline Mode box.
Optionally to save battery, turn your phone's cellular data off
6. Ready to Ride - Step 2
Select the Route and Go!
Main Menu => Available Offline and then choose the GCGF route desired. Hit Go Ride when ready!

Garmin and GPS Files

If you have a Garmin bike computer or other GPS device, you should use it. We provide TCX files for Garmin GPS bike computers as well as generic GPX files that can be used by a plethora of devices. Download the appropriate files and follow the instructions below for loading the file into your device.

Route GPS Files
Garmin TCX Generic GPX
Garrett's Greatest 25
Fabulous 44
Masochistic Metric
Savage Century
Diabolical Double

General Instructions for Garmin and GPS Device Navigation
  1. Download the desired TCX or GPX files to your computer from the table above. Reference the device-specific instructions for whether to use TCX or GPX for your device.

    Generally, the TCX file is preferred for Garmin devices as this format embeds the turn-by-turn navigation information. The TCX files are set to notify 75 meters before an approaching turn, though in the real world this varies quite a bit.
  2. Connect your Garmin device to a computer via USB.
  3. Use a file explorer on your computer to open up the USB connected Garmin drive and browse into the Garmin folder on the device. Copy the downloaded TCX or GPX files into the NewFiles folder contained within the Garmin folder.
    Note that older Garmin Edge devices (200 and 300 series) are not browseable and thus you will need to import the TCX files into Garmin Training Center or Basecamp and then use the Send to Device option within these applications in order to get the routes onto the device
  4. Disconnect your Garmin device and the routes will now exist in your Courses on the device.
  5. Different Garmin models operate slightly differently, but to use a course that has been loaded onto your device, power the device on, open the Menu, then choose "Training", then "Courses", choose the desired course, and finally select "Do Course". Then press Start and ride your bike! For most Garmin devices there are multiple view modes for following the actively loaded course: cue sheet mode, breadcrumb map mode, normal bike computer mode, etc.... Experiment with your device to see what you like best.

Device-Specific Instructions

RideWithGPS provides excellent device-by-device information on whether to use TCX or GPX files, how to load them, and how to operate the device. We will not attempt to reinvent this wheel, so direct you to the RideWithGPS instructions instead..
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