Garrett County, Md
June 23, 2018  

Timed KOM Climbs

The Garrett County Gran Fondo includes seven timed KOM hill climbs encompassing a total of 16.2 miles and 5700 feet of elevation gain. The Diabolical Double and Savage Century include all seven of the timed climbs. The Masochistic Metric includes six of the seven timed climbs. The Fabulous 44 includes four of these climbs. The Garrett's Greatest 25 has no timed climbs.

Timing is managed via ankle chips on riders and timing mats in the road at the bottom and top of all timed KOM climbs. Please be alert for cones and signage indicating a timing mat at the base of a climb and be sure to ride over the mats.

Details on overall KOM scoring methodology here.

Official GCGF Timed KOM Climb Applicable
Ride Location (miles) Climb Length (miles) Total Ascent Average Grade Official GCGF Climb Record Virtual Segments
1 - Overlook Pass44, 63, 100, 1252.50.70410 ft11.1%04:2705:25
2 - White Rock Rd44, 63, 100, 12510.81.03531 ft10.0%05:4506:53
3 - Limestone Hill44, 63, 100, 12522.93.751151 ft5.8%17:5720:04
4 - Sam Friend Rd63, 100, 12535.31.35593 ft8.6%08:0009:27
5 - Pig's Ear &
     Keyser's Ridge
63, 100, 12540.44.811142 ft4.5%16:3820:36
6 - Bowman Hill44
63, 100, 125
1.68771 ft8.6%09:1212:37
7 - Dry Run Rd100
2.901070 ft7.1%17:0419:54

Other Major Climbs

But wait, there's more...There is A LOT MORE CLIMBING in the Garrett County Gran Fondo beyond the seven official timed KOM climbs, much of it just as hard, just as steep, and in some cases even longer than some of the timed KOM climbs. There is a limit to how many timing mats can realistically be strewn all over the county, so the seven timed KOM climbs were selected to optimize around climb difficulty, the number of rides using the climb and, to a lesser extent, the geographic proximity of a climb to the start/finish.

So, beyond the seven timed KOM climbs there are many, many more climbs encountered throughout the Garrett County Gran Fondo rides, many of which arguably deserve official timing - we're talking to you Killer Miller, Blue Lick, Four Mile Ridge, Big Savage Mountain (Michael Rd), Meadow Mountain, ....

Nonetheless, the table below details the more "substantial" of the other, untimed climbs in the Garrett County Gran Fondo.

GCGF Untimed Climb Applicable
Ride Location (miles) Climb Length (miles) Total Ascent Average Grade Virtual Segments
Streams 'n Dreams to Bear Run 44, 63, 100, 125 6.0 0.61 213 ft 6.6%
Limestone Hill - Dirt Section 1 44, 63, 100, 125 22.9 1.65 837 ft 9.6%
Harmon & Weaver Rds 63, 100, 125 31.7 1.72 397 ft 4.4%
Pig's Ear 2 63, 100, 125 40.4 0.70 338 ft 9.1%
Devil's Half Acre to Keyser's Ridge 2 63, 100, 125 43.5 1.71 557 ft 6.2%
Legeer Rd 100, 125 54.6 0.60 240 ft 7.6%
Killer Miller 100, 125 60.8 1.34 528 ft 7.5%
Twin Churches 100, 125 67.4 0.65 259 ft 7.5%
Blue Lick - Gravel Climb 125 71.1 0.61 315 ft 10.4%
Sam Crowe Rd 125 73.0 0.78 250 ft 6.1%
Green Lantern Rd 125 75.5 0.60 305 ft 9.6%
Four Mile Ridge (A-L Rd) 125 78.4 1.25 568 ft 8.8%
Big Savage Mountain (A-L Rd) 125 80.1 0.65 260 ft 7.6%
Big Savage Mountain (Michael Rd) 125 88.1 4.23 1611 ft 7.3%
Four Mile Ridge (Westernport Rd) 125 93.1 0.45 164 ft 6.9%
Meadow Mountain (Frank Brenneman) 100, 125 86.3, 110.4 0.85 400 ft 8.9%
Beitzel Hill 100, 125 88.5, 112.6 0.60 224 ft 7.1%
Orendorf Rd 25, 100, 125 9.1 from Finish 0.61 194 ft 6.0%
Negro Mountain Rd 25, 44,
63, 100, 125
2.8 from Finish 1.10 302 ft 5.2%
Bumblebee Rd - Uphill Sprint to the Finish 25, 44,
63, 100, 125
Final 300 yards 0.17 80 ft 8.9%

1 "Limestone Hill - Dirt Section" is included in the timed climb "KOM 3 - Limestone Hill"
2 "Pig's Ear" and "Devil's Half Acre to Keyser's Ridge" are both included in the single, lengthy timed climb "KOM5 - Pig's Ear & Keyser's Ridge"

Overall KOM Scoring Methodology at the Garrett County Gran Fondo

Male and Female Overall and Masters KOM champions are crowned at the Garrett County Gran Fondo. Eligible riders must have climb times in at least 6 of the 7 timed climbs, meaning Masochistic Metric riders (6 climbs) are eligible but Fabulous 44 riders (4 climbs) are not. Diabolical Double and Savage Century riders (7 climbs) who have a missed chip read or inadvertently miss a mat are still eligible so long as they have recorded times for 6 of the 7 KOM climbs. Chip read errors do happen on occasion, so Strava or RideWithGPS segment data can be used to replace missing climb times after the event upon request.

Overall KOM scoring is handled by averaging each rider's percent of median climb time across their best six climb performances and the rider with the lowest score wins. For example, if the median climb time for a KOM climb is 20:00 and a rider completed that climb in 15:00, the rider's score for that climb is 75%. This percentage is calculated for each climb for the rider and the average of the rider's best (lowest) six percentages is taken to produce the rider's overall KOM score. The rider with the lowest overall KOM score wins.

This approach of averaging percent of median times to generate an overall score has multiple benefits over summing up climb times or summing up finish places across each climb as a means of assessing overall KOM performance. First, the percent of median climb time is a fair measure of climb performance relative to others whereas finish place is not. A rider who climbs at 75% of the median time for two different climbs has performed identically for each, whereas a rider who gets 25th place in two different climbs could be 1 second off the winner for one climb and one minute off the winner for another. Percent of median is a better relative performance indicator than absolute place. Similarly, the percent of median approach treats all climbs with equal weight, whereas summing up climb times gives longer climbs greater weight. One could argue that the 4.8 mile KOM-5 should count more towards the overall score than does the 0.7 mile KOM-1, but at the Garrett County Gran Fondo each KOM climb is given equal weight towards the overall KOM score.

While the timed climbs have changed, this average percent of median approach to scoring was also used in 2013 and 2014 and results are available here for 2014 and here for 2013.
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