There are six aid stations on the courses:

# Rides Distance Location
AS1 44, 63, 100, 125 =21.2  Friendsville Community Park
AS2 63, 125 =41.7  Stockyards at Keyser’s Ridge
AS3 100, 125 =39.8, =57.0  Bittinger Volunteer Fire Hall
AS4 100, 125 =69.2, =89.5  Barton Community Park
AS5 100, 125 =83.6, =103.9  Big Run State Park
AS6 25, 100, 125 =13.5, =95, =115.3  Bittinger Volunteer Fire Hall

Note that Aid Stations 3 & 6 are the same physical aid station encountered by the Diabolical
Double and Savage Century at mile 39.8 / 57.0 on the way out and then again as the final
stop just 10.8 miles from the finish. This same location is also the single aid station used by
Garrett’s Greatest 25.

The Diabolical Double and Savage Century section between AS3 - Bittinger and AS4 -
Barton is 32.6 miles long and over 3700’ of climbing. Due to the length and difficulty of this
section a self-serve water station will be set up roughly 22 miles into this section. A table
with water coolers will be available to you.


Please deposit all trash at the aid stations and do not litter the roads of Garrett
County!​ All aid stations have bathrooms, so nature breaks at aid stations only, please.

The following are the supplies that will be available at each aid station:

● Hammer HEED energy drink *
● Hammer Energy Gels
● Hammer Endurolytes *
● Water, Coke
● Oranges, bananas
● PB&J sandwich fixings
● Salty snacks: pretzels, goldfish, nuts.
● Sugary snacks: M&Ms, cookies
● Gluten free option: potato chips or baked potato (depending on station)
● Bike supplies: Pump, tubes, tires, multi-tool, minimal bike supplies
● First Aid supplies
● Cue sheets with map and elevation profile

* - Note that unlike many other energy drinks, Hammer HEED is primarily a calorie source
and not a significant electrolyte source, with the expectation that electrolytes come from an
external source like salt tablets or FIZZ or NUUN or Endurolytes


The morning may be cool in the mountains, so if you want to shed excess clothing at aid
stations 1 or 2, simply label your packet pickup bag clearly with your name and rider
number and bring it with you in a jersey pocket. You may then put excess clothes in this
bag and leave it at aid station 1 or 2 and it will await you at the finish line.


The Gran Fondo rides have many turns and it is the rider’s responsibility to stay on route.
There are no course marshals at turns, however the roads are very well marked with
stenciled arrows and shortly after each turn a marking of how far until the next turn.
Despite well marked roads, we would prefer people rely on more than just these road
markings and so we also provide and strongly encourage:

● detailed cue sheets with maps and elevation profile
● GPS files for Garmin bike computers,
● RideWithGPS mobile app navigation with voice navigation and offline support

If you have a GPS bike computer, please load the routes into your device.
Cue sheets are provided at the end of this Athletes Guide. It is recommended you print
your applicable cue sheet and bring it with you just in case.