Garrett County, Md
June 22, 2019  
Garrett County Gran Fondo Ride Section Videos
Route Section Route Section Difficulty (1-5) 2 Miles Ascent per Mile (ft) Videos Cue Route Section Order


Time lapse
Diabolical Double Savage Century Masochistic Metric Fabulous 44 Garrett's Greatest 25
Start to AS1 321.2117 1 1 1 1
Start to AS6 113.580 1
AS1 to AS2 524.1169 2 2 2
AS2 to AS3 210.1143 3 3
AS3 to AS4 432.5115 4
AS4 to AS5 314.4132 5
AS3 to AS5 222.766 4
AS5 to AS6 411.4185 6 5
AS6 to Finish 110.8106 7 6 2
AS1 to Finish 422.5150 * 2
AS2 to Finish 217.9107 3

* - The route for Section AS1 to Finish, the 2nd and final section for the Fabulous 44, changed after the course video was taken. However, except for a short 0.5 mile stretch, this full route section can be viewed via the first 9.0 miles of section AS1 to AS2 and then miles 4.6 to the Finish of section AS2 to Finish.

  1. Video was shot with a GoPro Hero4 in 1080p at 60fps mounted to the front bumper of a car. GPS and elevation data was collected using a Garmin Edge 500 barometric altimeter and was overlaid onto the video using Garmin Virb Edit software.

    The Garrett County Gran Fondo route videos were taken (mostly) on a drab, gray day in December 2015 and do no justice to the beauty of the region, though is reflective of the amount of traffic to expect on the roads (count the number of cars that pass by in each video....)

    Some roads may appear very gravelly in the videos; this is because the first snow of the year had already come down and the county treats the roads with cinders rather than salt. This will not be the condition in June for the event.
  2. Route Section Difficulty is a subjective rating based on distance, amount of climbing, severity of climbing, and the route section's location within the total ride. A ranking of 1 is the easiest and 5 the hardest.
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